It all began as a "dream" way back in 1999. Back then, it looked like a very daunting task for someone who did not have any previous experience in naming a school.

          I got intimidated with the idea that I forgot about it for two (2) years and it only resurfaced in August of 2001 when I made some inquiries with the AMA Education System. I was still skeptical about it until I received a letter in March 2002 from AMA saying that they would be visiting me here in Valencia City Bukidnon.

          I always thought that in order for a school to succeed, it is important to set a higher standard of academic and technical skills competency for its teaching staff. The only person that i could think of who got both the academic expertise and operational experience is my cousin.

         When I talked to her, she liked the whole idea, and we decided to sign a deal with AMA education System. Even with only months to go before the start of class in June 2002, we managed to pull it off. As they always say.... THE REST IS HISTORY.