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ACLC Goes to Fairy Land

Date Posted: November 25, 2013  Hits: 1,113    
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A night of glamour, magic and dreams… It was indeed a dream come true to the AMAers last July 22, 2013, as the whole school populace experienced the much awaited Acquaintance Party with the theme “ACLC goes to Fairy Land” at SAIT gym. The remarkable event was highlighted with the head-turning attires, talent showdowns, games and mouth-watering foods. It started with a full-blast production number which shows the breath-taking talents of AMAers. A message from one of the managing directors of ACLC, Mrs. Lilian Malayang II emphasized how ACLC grew into the world of academe as the years passed. She said “Every year, you have not failed to amaze me. Years before, we used to have our Acquaintance Party at the school’s AVR because of our small number. But today, we are celebrating it in this big hall proving that we have grown not only by number but also as a more advanced school institution.” The newly elected officers of the different societies were inducted by the City Mayor of Valencia Hon. Jose M. Galario Jr. He also challenged the newly elected officers to do their responsibilities with great determination and honest heart. “Who knows, there will be future Barangay Captains here or even the new City Mayor of Valencia just like me,” he mentioned. This year’s Acquaintance Party became extraordinary with the efforts of the Student Council headed by the Mr. Wenry A. Resurreccion, and with the full support of the managing directors, school administration and the local government of Valencia. As the last part of the program, the school director, Engr. Roger J. Tan ended it with words of gratitude and reminders to the dear students. The night was indeed successful bringing smiles on everybody’s face. It was a night worth remembering.
ACLC Goes to Fairy Land
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