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AMAers' Voice

Date Posted: July 12, 2012  Hits: 1,873    
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Students casting their vote through intranet




July 12, 2012 - ACLC College students have already chosen their new set of leaders via intranet voting system yesterday, July 11, 2012) at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon held in the school building, C Lab.




Meeting de avance was made prior to the election proper; settled last July 10, 2012 that started from 2:00 o'clock and ended at 4:30 in the afternoon. "Leadership, responsibility and time and dedication, these things an individual must have to be a leader", mentioned Engr. David Ursal before the presentation of aspirants. At the said meeting, aspirants were given equal opportunity to speak and showed to the AMAers their worth.  Forum was done subsequently which gave the aspirants hard time in providing best solutions to those problem questions raised, particularly the OJT Abroad Program.




A pose right after the proclamationAnd as for the result, with a total number of 266 votes, Wenry Resurrecion BSBA 3, obtained the title Student Council President. The new set of officers are as follows: Vice President for external and internal affairs: Mark Nell As-ason and Stella Mariz Sandag; Secretary: Jeffrey Estillore; Treasurer: Jorie Mae Beltran; Auditor: Althea



Grin Salas; the PIOs: Friench John Lequin and Sherton Abdulkalil; and the year level representatives: Jenvy Colonia, Christine Lumitap, Raymond Selorio, Yrrick Cordero, John Kent Kilem and Petros Ponce Balulao. The result came out immediately a few minutes after officially closing the casting of votes. There were two ties on the third and first year representatives; hence, toss coin



policy was executed.  Eventually, the newly elected officers were pronounced and presented yesterday at around 3:00 o'clock in the C Lab.  




The Election Committee


"What makes this election successful is that we have the automated system for voting (which differs us from other schools) that is very convenient in our part and of course the energetic working force", said Mr. Nestor Ando when asked what made the Election Day a success.  






And as said, may it be voted straight party or not, the elected officers will still have to execute or will be working with the same platform.






Congratulations to the new set of students' voice, Student Council officers for the school year 2012 - 2013.






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