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Academic Load
Saturday, March 24, 2018


Students should follow the curricular program structure they are enrolled in. Hence, regular academic load will be based on the number of units/hours reflected in the curricular program structure.

The regular load during the semester is 18 units (excluding NSTP and PE). Academic load of working student shall be limited to 12-15 units per semester. Request for overload shall require the approval of the Dean/Education Coordinator, subject to existing policy on overload.

Only graduating students are allowed to carry an overload or if the course to be enrolled is a pre-requisite to other courses so that failure to take it in the particular semester will cause significant delay in the completion of the student program. The maximum overload allowed to graduating students is 6 units, provided policy on pre-requisite is observed.

A student must seek approval of the College dean/Educ. Coordinator before he/she will be allowed to enroll the overload courses.



Courses approved as pre-requisites to other courses may not be waived except in meritorious cases. A student shall not be permitted to take advance course until he/she has satisfactorily passed the pre-requisite courses.

Request for waiver of pre-requisite may be approved based on merit. The following reasons may be considered in the approval of request for waiver of pre-requisite.

·         A student who has enrolled, fully attended but failed (did not earn credit) a course that is a pre-requisite to another. If granted permission to waive pre-requisite, the students will be required to take up the pre-requisite course simultaneously with the course which the former is a pre-requisite or immediately on the following term if the pre-requisite course is not offered.

·         Courses approved as pre-requisites to other courses may be taken simultaneously with the latter course if the student is graduating and needs only the latter course to complete the requirements for graduation.

A student who wishes to apply for waiver of pre-requisite must submit a letter to the Dean/Education Coordinator before the end of the “ADD/DROP Period”. No permission will be granted without a written request from the student and a certification form the instructor of the pre-requisite course that the student has fully attended the said course. The Dean/Education Coordinator of each college is authorized to approve the waiver based on the merits of the request. Students who know or unknowingly enrolled a course without satisfying the pre-requisites will be given a mark of D.