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The Multimedia Technologies is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for graduates to work in the multimedia industry at a professional level. The programs’ approach is a combination of study and practical application of various multimedia production techniques and prepares students to use these multimedia technologies for authoring, production and distribution of information content products and services.

The modules in this program will be delivered through (a) interactive discussions in the classroom utilizing visual aids and other teaching materials to gain the knowledge and (b) laboratory classes to acquire the required skills and competencies. Take home reading assignments may also be given from time to time.

Specifically, some of the teaching methodologies to be utilized are:

• Interactive lecture and discussion
• Problem solving
• Simulation (hands-on machine problems and exercises)
• Individualize learning
• On-the-job training

The trainees/students are expected to:

• Create and capture digital images.
• Apply the principles of digital design and Communication to the development of multimedia product.
• Originate and develop the concept.
• Design and create a multimedia interface.
• Design a multimedia product.
• Test a multi media product.
• Design a navigation for multimedia product.

Upon completion of this course, the trainees/students with the necessary competencies, should be able to perform the duties, responsibilities and acquired attitude relevant to the job titles:

• Authoring & Scripting Specialist
• Film & Video Animator
• Multimedia & Video Artist
• Audio & Video Editor
• Graphic Designer
• Instructional Materials Designer
• Training Materials Developer
• Media Coordinator
• Corporate Communication Office
• Graphical Interface Designer

The trainees/students also should be able to pass the Occupational Qualification and Certification System (National Certificate - Level III) of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) – a government accrediting institution.

Duration The Multimedia Technologies consists of 14 basic modules, 1 common module and 11
   core modules, involving a total nominal duration of 1838 hours.
Regcognition This program is accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development
   Authority (TESDA).  It is fully recognized within the Philippines and internationally for
   further education and employment in the private and public sector. 
Intakes Two intakes per year
    First Semester: June - October
Second Semester: November - March
Competencies Fourteen (14) Basic Modules
   One (1) Common Module
   Eleven (11) Core Modules:

  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Digital Imaging
  • Introduction to Internet
  • Web Analysis and Design
  • Multimedia Communication Systems
  • Multimedia Application 1(Macromedia Dream weaver)
  • Multimedia Application 2 (Macromedia Flash)
  • Multimedia Application 3 (Macromedia Author ware)
  • Multimedia Application 4 (Macromedia Fireworks)
  • Multimedia Sound and Video
  • Special Project in Multimedia Technology