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Why ACLC College Bukidnon?
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. In demand pa ba ang I.T. ?
A. Tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang demand for I.T. graduates. Especially for those that have technival skills and hands-on training. ACLC's degree and certificate I.T. courses are designed to equip you with the skills and training that allow you to be hands-on, on your first day on the job. Kaya, after just 2 years, you can work agad. Kadalasan, sa abroad pa.
Q. Apart from the hands-on training, why should I go to ACLC Bukidnon ?
A. Aside from the ACLC diploma, you can get international certificates because ACLC is affiliated with the AMA Education System, the pioneer and leader in computer education affiliated with leading internationl partners in the academic and I.T. fields 
Q. Can I work and study at the same time ?
A. ACLC has flexible schedule tha allow you to work and study at the same time. There are day, as well as night classes, for working students.
Q. If I decide to go back to school after two years or even later, will my courses be credited ?  
A. ACLC's education is ladderized, so your courses will be credited. And if you decide to go any ACLC College or to any AMA Computer University / College for your 3rd and 4th year, all your courses will be credited. 
Q. Are all the courses two-year courses  ?
A. No. ACLC College Bukidnon also offers one-year Cerificate Programs  and 3 to 6 month courses.  ACLC Bukidnon offers four-year courses .

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