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Clickster Society
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Clickster Society

        Clickster is an IT society created by ACLC College Valencia Bukidnon as a social networking website formed to address the lack of solidarity among schools in the field of Information and Communication Technology. It is an association of students coming from public and private secondary schools in the Province of Bukidnon who are interested in the promotion of Information Technology.

       It aims to facilitate cooperation among schools by implementing innovative information and communication technology (ICT) activities and projects, sharing of best ICT practices, techniques and methods and finding practical solutions to ICT-related problems and issues in learning institutions.

       Its duties and responsibilities include, among others, the organization of an IT Society in the campus of its partner schools with the objectives of developing academic awareness of Information Technology, taking active part in promoting the interest and welfare of its members and to assist it's partner schools in the implementation of its programs and projects.