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Student Council
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Clickster Society

        The ACLC Student Council is composed of dedicated students from different course societies that functions to serve the needs, concerns and interests of the student body as a whole. The council is designed to help students gain experience in organizing, marketing and publicizing skills while gaining awareness in various college programs and activities.

       The Student Council was created to inform students of their rights and responsibilities and to motivate students to participate in the policy-making that affects their education, thereby improving the quality of their educational experience. Functioning as the voice of the student body to the school's administration and vice versa, it is the Student Council's responsibility to engage students in extra-curricular activities and helps in the implementation of new rules and regulations of the school.

       It aims to maintain a high standard of student life by promoting and administering programs that enrich academic, cultural and social life at ACLC College Valencia, Bukidnon. Conclusively, a student's participation in student government can prove to be one of the most valuable and meaningful experience in his/her college career.